Q: When do I need to place my order by?
  • Orders must be placed by Friday 8pm for Sunday Delivery or Pick up. 

Q: Where can I pick up my meals?

  • Meals are available for pick up on MONDAYS at TMPL3 Studio (2825 N. Halsted St, Chicago IL 60657) 
  • Meals are available for pick up on SUNDAYS at FitPit Fitness.

Q: How do I confirm delivery or pick up?

  • At check out you will have the option to select pick up & the location or delivery. 

Q: Can I freeze the meals?

  • You may choose to freeze them which would extend their freshness for up to 3 months. 

Q: Is there a return policy?

  • Yes, If you are at all unhappy with your meals we will do our best to correct the issue and remake or refund your item order. 

Q: What if I have a dietary restriction or allergy?

  • Please email us prior to ordering and we will do our best to modify for you. All items are either steamed or grilled fresh in organic EVOO with only S&P. This is to insure the items are as clean as possible without compromising on taste, allowing you the freedom to season how you wish.
  • Specialty menu items would include a longer list of ingredients which are available under the item description.

Q: How do I contact support team?

  • Email us at Support@frequencymeals.com
  • Fill out the contact form via website.